The 200-grain load is potent and has strong penetration, and yet the recoil can easily be handled. With a barrel length of 2.5, this .44 Special is one of the larger revolvers to qualify for concealed carry. Under normal firing circumstances a small steel bar (called a transfer bar) is raised as the trigger is pulled, placing it into a position between the firing pin and the hammer itself. Evevn though the grips were now Pachmyr, I got it. [10] It was designed to be concealed easily because of its small size, yet also fire a "big bore" caliber. They're intended for completely different roles. If you like your bulldog, you might want to try these grips. The actual purchaser must be 18 years of age or older to purchase rifles and/or shotguns. The Charter ArmsBulldog is a 5-shot double-action revolverthat wasintroduced in 1973. In fact, this now-ubiquitous feature was actually invented by Charter way back when. $6.70 shipping . OWB Recommendations: The Slide - Great concealment pancake style holster that makes the large . Compare prices from more than 30+ gun stores. It was a potent combination and it saved my butt several times. A little at a time with small hobbyist files. I do not write about anything I do not have personal experience witheven if the experience is a hard test compressed into a few days. That being said, hes been an adamant semi-auto shooter for as long as I can remember, so I was hesitant to suggest a, , the Bulldog made news in the late 70s after the notorious serial killer, the, Enough chit-chat, lets get down to business This is the, Although the Bulldog has no external safety mechanism, it is nonetheless regarded as one of the, CCWs on the market. All Rights Reserved. It was shaving a little at the forcing cone-likely some idiot swinging it shut hard like the movies. Will never jam. $376.99. Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; Pinterest; Subscribe. The .44 Special and .45 Automatic have very similar ballistics. Charter Arms made a name for itself with the introduction of a lightweight steel-frame revolver in the 1960s. Tommy Built TMP45. The grip is a textured black rubber with finger grooves. [6] The Bulldog is a solid-framed traditional double-action revolver with a five-round cylinder which can be opened by pushing a release slide on the left of the gun, or in the original model by pulling the ejector rod. Nevertheless, I recommend investing in a good holster, especially considering that these were made to be CCWs. [6] Most critics believe the best use for the Bulldog is self-defense. Bottom line between the 125 gr and 158 grain selections I use the lighter in the lighter guns and the heavier in the more meaty ones. Also, the Bulldogs made in recent years have a 2-1/2 inch barrel instead of the 3 inch barrels of the early guns. MSRP: $768.00 |. Police detectives in the 1970s and 80s used it in waist and ankle holsters, and it was designed to fire the more powerful .44 Special and .357 Magnum rounds. Charter Arms made a name for itself with the introduction of a lightweight steel-frame revolver in the 1960s. I also ported the barrel, copying the factory porting in Charters little .357 magnum revolver. Provides warranty concurrent with manufacturer's warranty for the firearm, including all parts & labor for warranty repairs during coverage. Charter Arms 74410 Bulldog On Duty DA/SA 44 Special 2.5" 5 Black Rubber Stainless, Charter Arms 74424 Bulldog Crimson DA/SA 44 Special 2.5" 5 Crimson Trace Laser Stainless, Charter Arms 74421 Bulldog Double Action Only 44 Special 2.5" 5 Black Rubber Stainless, Charter Arms 74429 Boomer 44 Special Double 44 Special 2" 5 Black Rubber Stainless, Charter Arms 74420 Bulldog Standard DA/SA 44 Special 2.5" 5 Black Rubber Stainless, Charter Arms 74460 TGT Bulldog 44SPL 6" 5rd Revolver, Charter Arms 74442 Target Bulldog 44SPL 4.2 SS AS 5rd Revolver, Charter Arms 34461 Bulldog Special Classic Single 44 Special 3" 5 Wood Black, Charter Arms 24420 Bulldog 44 Special 2.5" 5rd Black Rbber Grip Black/Green Tiger SS, Charter Arms 14420 Bulldog Standard DA/SA 44 Special 2.5" 5 Black Rubber Blued, Charter Arms 64420 Bulldog 44 Special Double 2.5" 5 Black Rubber Blacknitride+, Charter Arms 64429 Boomer DAO 44 Special 2" Ported 5 Black Rubber Grip Blacknitride+, Charter Arms 14429 Arms Boomer .44SPL 2." When considering a Bulldog, you have to keep in mind that you wont be hitting bullseyes from 50 yards out. A polished chrome and pink finish, with "The Chic Lady" elegantly engraved in the barrel. However, I am a big fan of the .45 ACP round, and CA has recently come out with a .45 Pitbull. While there are some critics of the Bulldog because it's not a double-stackedGlock with 15 rounds, I believe that the Bulldogis great for self-defense. Ive also seen people say that these lock three places. Because these are snub nose revolvers, there arent so many aftermarket options. [5] With most ammunition types the muzzle velocity tends to be between 705 and 1000 feet per second (215 and 305 meters per second, respectively). Great deals on Pistol Parts for Charter Arms. Functional, blue-collar piece, made in the USA and competitively priced. Finally, John Taffin lists the Charter Arms 44 Special Bulldog in his list of Top Guns and packs one all the time. Charter Arms abandoned the traditional side plate and opted for a stronger single-piece frame. In 1973, it introduced the Bulldog revolver. The .45 Colt was the man stopper and the .44-40 the outdoors cartridge. The name Bulldog was a homage to the original Webley revolvers of the same name. When practicing with the Charter Arms Bulldog, the goal is to press the trigger smoothly and get a center hit, recover and press again. Advertised prices may display a strikethrough or regular price. That 3-inch-right deviation would put a perfectly centered shot right through the heart of a bad guy. Charter Arms Bulldog Revolver .44 Special 2.5" Bar. Premium Suede Leather Shoulder Holster System with Double Speed Loader Fits Charter Arms Bulldog 44 Special Standart/ 45 Long Colt 2.5'' Barrel, Right-Hand Draw, Brown Color #1475# 5.0 out . Info 3470476911, Manerbio, Revolver Smith e wesson 29 classic dx cal 44 mag canna 5 pollici ottime condizioni da collezione per info contattaci, Manerbio, Revolver Ruger Super Redhawke cal 454 casull con valigetta e documenti mai usato da collezione per info contattaci, Manerbio . The .357 Mag. From $803.99 in 2 storesCaliber: .44 S&W SpecialCapacity: 5Barrel Length: 3"Finish per color: Blued, From $549.99 in 6 storesCaliber: .44 S&W SpecialCapacity: 5Barrel Length: 2.5"Finish per color: Stainless, From $395.99 in 6 storesCaliber: .44 S&W SpecialCapacity: 5Barrel Length: 2.5"Rounds: 5, From $386.99 in 6 storesCaliber: .44 S&W SpecialCapacity: 5Barrel Length: 2.5"Finish per color: SilverRounds: 5, From $349.99 in 5 storesCaliber: .44 S&W SpecialCapacity: 5Barrel Length: 2.5"Finish per color: Blue, From $378.98 in 3 storesCaliber: .44 S&W SpecialCapacity: 5Barrel Length: 2.5", From $401.99 in 5 storesCaliber: .44 S&W SpecialCapacity: 5Barrel Length: 2"Finish per color: StainlessRounds: 5, From $356.99 in 5 storesCaliber: .44 S&W SpecialCapacity: 5Barrel Length: 2.5"Finish per color: Nitride, From $447.99 in 4 storesCaliber: .44 S&W SpecialCapacity: 5Barrel Length: 6"Finish per color: Stainless, From $371.99 in 4 storesCaliber: .44 S&W SpecialCapacity: 5Barrel Length: 4.2"Finish per color: Silver. We have identified anomalies in your browser or connection settings that have flagged this request as potentially malicious or automated. Known for its rugged reliability and stopping power, Charter's Bulldog is a versatile revolver for personal or home protection. FSP can be applied to any gun purchased at Sportsman's Warehouse or online at This load averages about 780 fps. Charter recently debuted a compact version of their famous .44 Bulldog, called theBoomer, and its a hit. $19.99: details: Gman Sport. I've a Charter Bulldog .44 Spl that I also carry and I like Charter revolvers. The strikethrough or regular price represents either 1) the manufacturers Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) OR the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) or 2) a price at which the product was offered within the last 90 days. Add To Cart. The Charter can handle a wide variety of ammo, but be careful what you choose, and take into account what kind of shooting youll be doing. But get them quickly because theyre running out fast! The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. If you use a 16 inch Limbsaver tactical wrap over the Baramy, it will present easily and feel like a soft 9mm or heavy 22! my girlfriend really hated it. Second, the Target Mag Pug is a gorgeous gun. Shooting and Showing the Charter Arms Bulldog .44 Special. Bulldog production has been stopped a few times since 1992, when Charter Arms, the original manufacturer, went bankrupt. Guns in the News, Throwback Thursday: Taurus Judge Range Report, ATI Milsport SGA 410 All the Advantages of an AR in .410, Ruger SR1911 LW Commander The Lightweight .45 ACP, Rifle Hack: Sighting for 100 Yards at a Distance of 25 Yards, Throwback Thursday: All About Bullet Grain. The best price for charter arms bulldog 44 for sale online. I have used .45 1911s and have 3 .357 snubbies and like them. pi 23-h-44; 386624 connecticut valley arms cva; hawken flintlock 50; pu 23-h-46; 11443 connecticut valley arms cva; unknown . [5] If a large quantity of residue piles up inside the revolver because of heavy usage, the cylinder crane's axle screw can be removed and the cylinder pulled out from the gun for cleaning. [11], The Bulldog was used by the serial killer David Berkowitz aka "The .44 Caliber Killer" and the "Son of Sam" who was responsible for a series of attacks and murders in New York City during 19761977 (before he was caught due to an outstanding parking violation).[12]. I wonder if Bob had the same experience? Unloaded, the Bulldog weighs 21 ounces, which means it is light enough to carry all day, but has just enough heft that it won't beat you . A true Bulldog should be relatively compact. So why choose a Charter Firearm Bulldog for self-defense? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Removed the hammer spur and gave it a sumpin Cote finish on it. The Fiocchi Cowboy load has also proven pleasant to fire. While they offer calibers from .22 LR to .45 ACP, as well as the .357 Magnum, the bread-and-butter revolver they made their reputation on is the Charter Arms Undercover, a five-shot swing-out cylinder double-action revolver. My brother was building a home oyr there and had the footers dug out. No FFL dealer listed in your area? get one and you wont ever look back in regret. Charter Arms Bulldog On Duty .44 Special 2.5" Stainless Steel Barrel 5 Rounds St. Charter Arms Bulldog On Duty .44 Special 2.5" Stai. The Bulldog I reviewed was the model 24420, which is outfitted with a . Using this web site acknowledges your agreement to the, New York Compliant - Colorado Compliant - Washington Compliant. Rifling: 8 grooves. ----- ----- Hickok45 videos are filmed on my own private shootin. But then others may use some new fuzzy math! Copyright 2023 Charter Arms. No moon clips needed. Great carry gun. The 329PD and 3-4" 629's are not in the same size class as the Bulldog. The move to .451-inch bullets from .429-inch ones meant a larger cylinder, and that called for a slightly larger frame. . Our Low Price $337.48 QuickView . Also, I saw a number of comments about the awful recoil. 's blog. Buy and find hard to find Charter Arms 44 Special online at Charter Arms Bulldog 44 Special 2.3" Barrel 5Rd Black Grip/Stainless 74420. The Bbl is so short the it readsdog instead of Bulldog. With a four-inch barrel and a full-sized grip, the perfectly-proportioned weapon isn't as massive as the big-ass L-framed .357 Smiths. It isnt a copy of an old-line revolver made to sell more cheaply; rather it is designed to offer a reliable, but affordable option. However, the modern revolver featured a transfer bar ignition system. Buy CHARTER ARMS BULLDOG REVOLVER, .44 SPECIAL, 5RDS, HAMMERLESS, S.S., # 74421: GunBroker is the largest seller of Revolvers Pistols Guns & Firearms All: 954598312 . The Charter Arms Bulldog is one of the classic revolvers! Charter Arms Bulldog Revolver in .44 Special. Shooting and discussing an interesting little "Bulldog"!----- ----- Hickok45 videos are filmed on my own private shooting ra. It was introduced in 1973. Douglas McClenahan and his lifelong friend David Ecker became 50/50 partners in Charter Arms in 1967. History of the Charter Arms Bulldog. Sometimes it's in a holster at 3 o/clock, but most times in a pocket holster. Charter Arms Bulldog - 44 Special. My father has recently been pressing me to recommend a new backup carry gun for him, and Ive been struggling to find the right one. The Bulldog was amazingly accurate at reasonable distances (up to 15 yards or so) and was a reliable, lightweight companion. It is the customer's responsibility to follow all Federal, State, and Local Laws. Although the Bulldog has no external safety mechanism, it is nonetheless regarded as one of the safest CCWs on the market. We want you, our readers, to be able to make informed decisions.
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