June 30, 2020 / 5:22 PM On Tuesday, though, when discussing the countys reopening plans, she went to great lengths to reach out to people who might be feeling anxiety about going back to work and possibly getting infected, encouraging them to take advantage of the countys mental health hotline and other resources. Ferrers numerous degrees include a Masters of Education, a Masters of Public Health, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Social Welfare. Delivery or takeout! The LA County Public Health Director vehemently denied there were conflicts of interest with the study. dr barbara ferrer credentials shjon podein childrens foundation. There is no science that proves mask work. The image shows Ferrer speaking at a coronavirus news conference on May 13; an unedited version of it can be seen in this article here. Dr. Ferrers first education was from the University of California, where she achieved a bachelors degree in arts focusing on Community Studies. Her significant tasks include devising strategies and plans to prevent the growth of diseases, uplifting health, and promoting equity. Dr. Ferrer has been carrying many interdisciplinary duties on her shoulder for over 30 years. Regardless of whatever degrees Ferrer may possess, recent media attention from RedState and others put her in the hot seat. The fact that Ferrer nor Barnes did not disclose their relationship beforehand has raised many alarm bells in LA County, as well as nationally. Dr. Barbara Ferrer L.A. County. Barbara Ferrer is a nationallyknown public health leader with over 30 years of professional experience as a philanthropic strategist, public health director, educational leader, researcher, and community advocate. Jul. It doesnt support their narrative. I dont care what they say, I will not be complying with anymore b.s. Leave everyone else alone. Dr. Ferrer had a crucial role in providing strategic directions for deploying methods and showing leadership. Carlos your right your right as far as the anti science. Kellogg Foundation. Hey!! 3 0 obj [3], Ferrer was born in Puerto Rico and came to the United States when she was 17 in order to attend a college in Ohio, later dropping out after a year. Statement from @lapublichealth : That is wrong. L.A. County Public Health Director Dr. Barbara Ferrer said Thursday that the rate of infections is slowing and the testing-positivity rate is down, indicators that the surge may be leveling off. The photo has been edited to give Ferrer paler skin and dark . L.A. County Health Director Barbara Ferrer is heard saying in a clip that K-12 schools would not open until after the election in November. Current county health director Dr. Barbara Ferrer, who was appointed by the Board in 2017, has been criticized by Angelenos for enacting some of the nation's strictest health mandates during the . Barbara Ferrer is an American health executive, serving as the Director of Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. Ferrer then went on to earn a master's degree in public health from Boston College and a Ph.D. in social welfare from Brandeis. "My daughter does communications work in Boston. A public health official in California named Barbara Ferrer was recently caught on tape saying that schools will likely remain shut until after the election. Jennifer holds a bachelor's degree from Boston University, and prior to entering the journalism field in 2014, she worked as a court stenographer for nearly 20 years, serving as the official court reporter for more than two dozen first-degree murder cases in North Carolina. LA County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer slammed speculations of not publicly disclosing conflict of interest after a report revealed a CDC-backed stu. In general, Dr. Ferrer holds a bachelors, double masters, and a doctoral degree. With COVID-19 boosters for children age 5-11 now available in Los Angeles County, Dr. Barbara Ferrer, L.A. County's director of public health, was at the Public Health vaccination pod at the . By May of 18, with STD rates in Los Angeles County soaring, the Center for Health Equitys director told the Los Angeles Times that officials need to evaluate whats called structural or systemic racism, and Ferrer added: The one thing I never do, and I hope others dont as well, is blame these young people for not taking care of themselves.. FOX 11's Marla Tellez was present and learned more about the remaining mask mandate and got Dr. Barbara Ferrer's response to criticism from her boss Janice Hahn. Los Angeles County public health director Dr. Barbara Ferrer said that could represent a nice boost to the county's vaccination efforts. Julie Hamill, an attorney representing the Alliance Over the weekend she made media appearances defending her qualifications to lead the public health response to the coronavirus pandemic in Los Angeles County. In recent times, Ferrer has been actively involved in fighting against the Coronavirus. Great point, Raymond. Use FireFerrer.com to get educated on her political relationships that are keeping the kids of LAUSD schools in a never ending 10 day backdoor masking mandate. Dr. Barbara Ferrer, LA County Public Health director "While this trend line provides a frightening vision of our reality, the more terrible truth is that over 8,000 people who were beloved . dr barbara ferrer credentials Call us today! While pandemic is over, we cant allow again. Duh, go ahead and just do as your told. So there, I did what the author here would not. A cluster RCT in Bangladesh was negative for cloth masks, and very modestly positive for surgical masks. He was hired by Los Angeles County in 2018 and was previously the Alameda County Health Officer. Its a nightmare, isnt it. Please forgive me, I need to say one more thing. Follow her work on Facebook and Twitter. These facts, combined with prior literature, suggest that confidence even in surgical masks is extremely low. Ferrer wasnt really asked questions by Ferrer to start with, but seemed to be repeating a prepared statement addressing her qualifications (starting at about 8:40 into the video, or -51:10): From a public health perspective, were the ones who are paying a lot of attention to the science. During the beginning of her career, Dr. Ferrar became the headmaster of Boston Districts high school. Los Angeles Countys Health Officer, under whose authority Public Health Orders are issued, is Dr. Muntu Davis. stream Theres no way I, by myself, would be either reviewing the massive amounts of data thats out there or making independent decisions from the clinical team thats really doing a stellar job.This is really, you know, a vast collaboration with an enormous amount of clinical expertise to help make all of these decisions. The study was conducted by multiple experienced Public Health infectious disease experts and epidemiologists, in partnership with the Los Angeles County Office of Education, said the Department in a statement on Thursday. CA Gov. The students showed how masks were highly effective in curtailing the spread of COVID-19 in LA County schools, but had been co-authored by Ferrers daughter with no disclosure showing any relationship between the two. Ferrer noted that some requirements -- such as mandatory mask-wearing at health care facilities -- are state orders, not county. LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) Dr. Barbara Ferrer has become the face and voice of Los Angeles County's fight against COVID-19. Stranded Lake Arrowhead residents, including Michelle Calkins, are pleading for help on social media as the community continues to run out of food, medication, and deal with gas leak concerns. WKKF spearheaded the first National Day of Racial Healing on January 21, 2017, the day after President Trumps inauguration. In her position she oversees a budget of over $1.3 billion, directs a multidisciplinary . Story tips: [emailprotected]. More details on the study and the fallout are expected in the coming weeks. Z] 8M sx?z 35 IDvcb.?O>cLn3C8h) q:N+>Aiy^a1 KYK9E]kk71)G Are you that stupid you believe in a study done by a person with no credentials or expertise that that field. As in the study was done not by a doctor or scientist rather a group of people with an agenda. Were often pretty invisible unless theres a big crisis but we, too, have a lot of rigorous training around the science and the epidemiology of public health, around how to manage outbreaks, about how to, in fact, organize ourselves to really prevent diseases from overwhelming healthcare systemsthose are degreed and accredited programs that many, many again, hundreds of people here have gone through, including myself, and I think, you know, you do have to marry both sides of the house when youre really trying to advance opportunities for us to safely move forward. However, further data revealed imbalances in the starting size likely because the trial failed to achieve concealment, leading more people to sign up in the intervention arm (who may be less committed to report + Covid symptoms; biasing results). It has been widely reported that FERRER didnt disclose the conflict of interest. My point of view, anyway, is weve gotta go with the science. This isnt the end of the world for Ferrer, and this will not do anything in stopping the mandate ultimately. job for her daughter (Barnes) who then co-authored the helpful-to-her mother (Ferrer) mask study.. Who We Are - Network for Public Health Law Barbara Ferrer Director, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. ; she gained the title of Doctor by virtue of her Ph.D. in Social Welfare from Brandeis University.Ferrer is paid more than $500,000 a year by the financially-strapped county, and one of her top priorities is "advancing health equity." Saturday morning Ferrer was interviewed on local television station KCAL and asked about media criticism of her qualifications and credentials. American public health leader serving as the Director for the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Dr. Barbara Ferrer, Ph.D., MPH. However, despite many refuting Ferrers assessment, including the LA County Chief Medical Examiner, who called it media hype, others still support the Countys public health department, with businesses now bracing for a return of the mandate. Van Laar's report comes just days before Los Angeles County is on the verge of becoming the only California County to reinstate its indoor mask mandate. In response to critics who have questioned her credentials as director of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Barbara Ferrer cited the collaborative process involved in leading the . [15] However several cities in LA County including Beverly Hills announced they would refuse to enforce her new mandate. Meanwhile, there are no RCTs in kids, a catastrophic research failure.. However, it is disclosed that Dr. Ferrer is living with her husband in the Southland. She joins The Inland Empire Answeron Salem Radio Network's AM 590 The Answer every Thursday for "Spill The Tea Thursday." Or when a local citizen oversight committee or local citizen commission is stacked with hand-picked people friendly to the city or county leadership, is then guided by employees of the city or county, and produces seemingly average-citizen-based recommendations that the city or county powers wanted in the first place. 2020 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Massachusetts Department of Public Health, "Health Officials Had to Face a Pandemic. Evan V. Symon is the Senior Editor for the California Globe. Hoy queremos compartir curiosidades sobre algunos de los logos de marcas muy conocidas: Amazon. Nonsense story to push an anti mask anti science agenda. .o . Add your name to the Change.org petition to remove Ferrer from the Los Angeles Department of Public Health. I, among many, am not going back. Meanwhile recommendations are pointed to as something average citizens wanted. Why the hell arent the media, CDC, etc., inquiring about this study? Sea of Reeds Media. [9] As director of L.A. County Department of Public Health, Ferrer has been prominent during the COVID-19 pandemic. True, but it seems to me more important that Barbara Ferrers DAUGHTER, Kaitlin S. Barnes, was absolutely required to disclose any conflict of interest in producing the controversial mask study and DID NOT. Generally, government servants have a transparent salary, and it seems that Dr. Ferrer is making a total of $389,208 with benefits of $65,705 a year. Furthermore, absolute event differences were v small. And that was when a friend of hers told her to look into public health. View Complaints Submitted on Oct. 4th, 2022 HERE, View 1411 Complaints Submitted on Sept. 27th, 2022 HERE, View 565 Complaints Submitted on Aug. 30th, 2022 HERE, View 262 Complaints Submitted on Aug. 9th, 2022 HERE, View 24 Complaints Submitted on Aug. 2nd, 2022 HERE, View 3683 Complaints Submitted on Jul. Moreover, Dr. Ferrer is not present on any social media platform, making knowing about her family even more difficult.